Ceramic Stoneware Lion-Claw Goblet

Terracotta Republic presents this handcrafted 16oz Lion-Claw Goblet. This unique, American made goblet is a handsome compliment to the Cannonball growler or stands proudly on its own!

The design is from an original hand-sculpted base and wheel-thrown goblet that maximizes aesthetics, proportion and ergonomics. It will hold a generous 16+ ounces of any of your favorite beverages.

The glazes are a contrast between the earthy steel/stone matte of the goblet and the weathered-metallic base. The inside glaze is a rusty/reddish high gloss glaze which is smooth on the lip, sanitary and easy to clean. To add emphasis and dimension, the rim has a combination of two glazes that melt into a gray/turquoise pattern. All glazes are lead free, food safe, dishwasher safe, and fired to approximately 2200 degrees. Please allow for subtle tonal variations in the glaze application and color.

Each goblet is signed by the maker and stamped with the Terracotta Republic logo for authenticity. Hey you never know? We might be on the Roads Show some day! The Height is approximately 8" high by 4" wide, and it weighs approximately 1.5 lbs.

Whether it's for daily use, for your favorite Leo, themed occasion/wedding party or just for a couple out in the woods toasting to Winterfell... we wish you many cheers & beers!

Thank you for looking.