Weatherworn Ceramic Stoneware Cannonball Beer Growler

The "All-American-Made" Groggery Growler is patterned after a cannonball, with its spherical shape and mottled texture. The sphere is a highly efficient vessel, providing the least surface area to volume ratio, so you can transport 1/2 gallon of beer in the smallest sized container possible. This will also make it easier for you to store your growler in the refrigerator or cooler. 

The unique cam-lever bottle top is our version of an nineteenth century invention by Robert Hemingray (1886), which was used by the Globe canning jar company during the late 1800's and early 1900's (see original patent here). Simply stated, it utilizes a ball-cam lever with an offset axis of rotation that converts circular motion into a downward linear force. When the lever is rotated into the socket on top of the cap, it presses the cap firmly down against an extra thick FDA approved silicone gasket, making an air-tight seal.

While the German Grolsch-style growlers and caps are certainly functional (now primarily manufactured in and sold from China), it is our aim to provide a growler that is of 100% American design in honor of the American spirit of ingenuity and creativity. The Groggery growler is also entirely manufactured here in the United States, and most of the parts used are also manufactured in the U.S. 

Made of stoneware clay, it is strong, airtight, non-absorptive and opaque -- making for a perfect environment to temporarily store your beer (or any other beverage you deem fit).

They have been referred to as cannonballs, beer bombs, groggers, or just plain jugs. Call them what you will and enjoy in good health...